Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez Responds to Raffy Tulfo’s Call in Radio Show!

A man from Ormoc complains about a poultry business that’s causing flies Raffy Tulfo alongside mayor Richard Gomez is already in action Look at how fast this Ormoc mayor did his work!

In the recent episode of Raffy Tulfo’s radio show, a complainant from the city of Ormoc went to voice out his concern over the large number of flies in their area. Upon asking, it is revealed that this is because of the operations by a locally-run poultry business. What’s worse is that it is owned by the former mayor of Ormoc. Now Raffy Tulfo immediately said to the man that their current mayor, Richard Gomez, is on the line. The man then continued to tell the situation. The flies were bothering not only his family but all who live in their barangay as well.

 An inspection conducted by the city’s health office and ENRD revealed that there chicken carcasses were thrown in bodies of water. The poultry business came off with a warning. Raffy Tulfo then talked to Mayor Richard Gomez who was on hold throughout the call. Raffy asked if Mayor Richard was aware of this certain business. The mayor of Ormoc replied that he had already asked their environmental and health offices to go to that place.

 It was then revealed that he business’ facilities did not pass the sanitary standards imposed by the local government. The local government then issued a warning and issued a report to the regional office. He also met with his council regarding an upgrade of their local ordinances. 

The radio host goes back to the issue of dumping of carcasses on water. Raffy asked if this can be considered as grounds to close down the business. Mayor Richard said that he has taken the recommendations of ENRD and their health office. As soon as they end the conversation, the mayor will call once again ENRD and ask the status of the poultry business. If they are still running it like this, he will have it shut down on Monday.