Sunday, February 11, 2018

"Duterte incriminates self with ‘dictator’ tag" - Hontiveros

President Rodrigo Duterte may have incriminated himself on criminal charges filed against him before the International Criminal Court (ICC) following his statement that he has a “dictatorial” style of governance, opposition Senator Risa Hontiveros said Monday.

"I am sure that the ICC is taking due notice of the President's latest statement, especially as it conducts its preliminary examination into his alleged crimes,” Hontiveros said in a statement.

“The ICC was created precisely to prosecute those who have committed crimes against humanity, many of whom were dictators. By admitting that he is a dictator, voluntarily and without pressure from anyone, President Duterte just made the ICC's job simpler,” she said.

In a speech before former communist rebels in Malacañang last week, Duterte said that if it were not for his “dictatorial” style of governance, the country would not make progress.

“If you say dictator, well, I am really a dictator. Because if I don’t [act like a] dictator, nothing will happen to our nation. That’s true,” Duterte said in Cebuano.

His remark comes as the ICC said it is set to do its initial review of allegations that Duterte committed a crime against humanity in connection with his controversial war on drugs.

Hontiveros said Duterte’s “public admission” is proof of his “utter disregard for democracy and human rights that resulted in colossal abuses in our country.”

"A fish is caught by its mouth and a foul man by his deeds. President Duterte is the best witness against himself,” Hontiveros said.

“Through his words and deeds, he has repeatedly exposed himself to the charge of crimes lodged against him. I am confident that the ICC has documented all of these," she added.

Duterte has dared the ICC to sentence him to death if he is found guilty.

Duterte, however, said he could not be prosecuted for allegedly orchestrating extrajudicial killings attributed to the drug war, saying such crime does not exist in the country's penal laws.

"There is no f—ing provision on extrajudicial killing. It is not defined anywhere," he said.

Source: GMA

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"Duterte incriminates self with ‘dictator’ tag" - Hontiveros
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