Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pangulong Duterte kay Rudolf Jurado: P*t@** Ina mo, you're fired

President Rodrigo Duterte has fired government corporate counsel Rudolf Philip Jurado for allegedly issuing a legal opinion that would justify the grant of a 75-year gaming franchise to a free port locator in Aurora.

Duterte in a speech in Malacañang sought Jurado before spewing expletive-laden remark.

"May I call the government corporate counsel now. Are you in this... Nandito ka?" Duterte said after he signed the law on the ease of doing business in the country.

"Kasi kung nandito ka, lumabas ka p— ina. You are fired. I do not need you and maybe you do not need me," he added.

The President indicated Jurado can be replaced anytime, saying there are "thousands of lawyers there waiting for an appropriate opportunity to work in government."

Duterte criticized Jurado's supposed legal opinion that the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone (APECO) can issue online gambling permits outside its territorial jurisdiction.

"When you are granted a franchise to conduct gambling in a certain facility, it does not include farming out that franchise to other cities and provinces," the President said.

"Kasi pagka ganun then you can ramble on following your theory, you can ramble on to give permits beyond the shores of Luzon and you can do it in Siasi, Jolo. Kung hindi ka pa naman g___. So you are just like a PAGCOR operating an independent entity with the same powers na you grant everything."

In a statement, Jurado said he accepts the President's decision.

"I accept and respect our President's decision. As an appointee who serves under his pleasure, I am honored to have been given a chance to serve under his administration," he said.

Days before he was fired by the President, Jurado disputed the allegations made by anonymous lawyers from within the office he leads, alleging some subordinates received "secret" allowances from state-owned corporations.

He also said there was no corruption involved in the legal opinion he rendered as regards APECO.

A son a former magistrate, Jurado was appointed to the post in April last year. He previously served as legal counsel for watchdog Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, a group supportive of Duterte and his tough campaign against criminality.

Source: GMA News

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Pangulong Duterte kay Rudolf Jurado: P*t@** Ina mo, you're fired
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