Sunday, June 3, 2018

This Mamang Sorbetero gets a new house and a new job

They say luck isn’t real, but this story on "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" about a sorbetero striking it big one afternoon had us believing in good luck.

Manong Lino has been unlucky for the most part of his life: He’s worked two jobs just to make ends meet, he’s suffered a mild stroke, and he’s had to live in a small shanty that’s about to fall apart.

After his stroke, Manong Lino settled for a gig that had him cleaning bottles, until one day he decided to take the job of a sorbetero. On a good day, it earns him at least P300.

One summer day, while he was doing his usual gig selling sorbets, none other than Sen. Manny Pacquiao noticed the 74-year-old stroke survivor.

Seeing how Manong Lino’s stroke affected his everyday life, the senator quickly handed the sorbetero P30,000 and advised him to take his medicines.

And then the jackpot: the senator promised Manong Lino a house and lot, gave him details on how the deal could be formalized, and upon meeting again, promised the sorbetero a job as a staff in Manny Pacquiao’s school.

As though that wasn’t enough, upon the turnover of the house and lot, Manong Lino and his family were too happy to see that it was fully furnished.

Through the years, Mang Lino never let life challenges knock him out. Until one day, all his sacrifices have paid off.

It's a combination of luck and hard work after all. — LA, GMA News

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This Mamang Sorbetero gets a new house and a new job
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