Thursday, July 5, 2018

8 MORE YRS? | Duterte can run again after current term in federal charter draft

With all 22 members of the Consultative Committee agreeing to the draft of the federal charter, it will now be sent to President Rodrigo Duterte on July 9, in time for his State of the Nation address on July 23.

The draft, according to Chairman for the Subcommittee on Political Reforms Prof. Julio Teehankee, would make it possible for Duterte to run again after his term expires in 2022, if he so desires.

“All elected officials will have four years, with one re-election, for a total of 8 years, from the president all the way down to the [local government officials],” Teehankee said in ‘The Chiefs’ July 4 episode of Cignal TV’s One News channel.

Teehankee added that there will be no ban for current officials to run for the same position they were elected, as the shift to a federal form of government means that the whole government system will undergo a total reboot.

This means that Duterte — if he finishes his current term, gets elected again as president in the federal government, then runs and wins again after four years — would have served a total of 14 years in Malacanang. This would be one of the longest tenures of a Filipino president, second only to that of the late Ferdinand Marcos with 21 years.

“When we took our oath in Malacañang, that was the only time we faced the president and he only told us four things: first, do what is best for the country; second, as much as possible he prefers a directly elected president; third solve the problems in Mindanao through federalism; and fourth, review the economic provisions of the Constitution,” Teehankee said.

Source: News5

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8 MORE YRS? | Duterte can run again after current term in federal charter draft
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