Saturday, July 7, 2018

President Duterte ask for support for Govt's Agenda

President Duterte encouraged the public to help the government achieve its plans in giving everyone in the country a comfortable life.

Duterte made the statement in a speech during the inauguration of the Malayan Colleges Mindanao in Davao City Saturday evening.

The President urged the public to be come agents of hope and catalysts of progress, especially in the task of nation-building.

“I also encourage all sectors of our society to keep supporting this administration’s development agenda, especially in pursuits that would educate our young and empower more Filipinos,” he said.

“May I also ask the continued support of the public in our continuing campaign against illegal drugs, criminality — at alam mo, pag sa totoo lang, kung hindi kayo tumulong (and you know, if yo will not help), we will never see the light of day of this nation,” he added.

According to Duterte, the people’s cooperation is a key ingredient in ridding the country of its social ills which he claimed hindered it from achieving its full potential.

“Indeed, every citizen’s participation will be crucial as we set ourselves to the great but rewarding task of effecting meaningful and lasting transformation for our country and for our brother Filipinos,” he said.

“So let us all work together to realize our dream of a truly stable, peaceful, orderly and prosperous Philippines,” he added.

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President Duterte ask for support for Govt's Agenda
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