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Watch | British blogger Malcolm Conlan calls out Robredo for not singing the national anthem during SONA

British blogger Malcolm Conlan, also known as the ‘Filipino-at-heart’ called out Vice President Leni Robredo as he noticed that the latter didn’t sing the national anthem during the third State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday.

According to Conlan, asked his followers if the Vice President really knows how to sing the national anthem.

He added that the Vice President seems to be forced to attend the said event, pointing out her expression.

Conlan said that he knows that the national anthem is not required to be sing, and people should only put their right hand to their heart.

But according to him, as the deputy leader of the Philippines, the Vice President should become an example to the people who watched the historic event, saying that she should sing the national anthem.

You can read his whole post below:

Sorry for my ignorance or maybe lack of understanding, however I would have thought that the current Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines would/should have actually known the words to the National Anthem?

Instead, she appeared to be looking down and appearing somewhat disinterested?

It’s like she had been forced to attend?

Of course it’s not compulsory to sing along to any National Anthem, however you would have thought that at an event of such national importance, the deputy leader of the country, should maybe lead by example?

Or maybe she is dreaming of a time that she could one day deliver her own SONA???

Before Conlan’s post, several bloggers and Pro-Duterte supporters already noticed Robredo.

The Vice President was beside Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada and Senate President Tito Sotto’s wife, Helen Gamboa, who’s singing the national anthem.

Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio who’s also not singing the national anthem, but closed his eyes was also there beside the Vice President.

However, the netizens only noticed Robredo, pointing out the expression of the Vice President.

Some even accused the Vice President of not knowing the lyrics of the national anthem.

“Maybe she doesn’t know the lyrics or if she sings she might be out of tune and perhaps you’re right that she is dreaming that one day she should be in PRRD’s place.” Netizen Felisa Hosenilla-Godoy said.

“Seems like she was already preparing her victim face in case Duterte insults her. What she didn’t think about is that the SONA is not about her, and the only reason Duterte even commented on her competence or lack of it, is because the media asked him.” Netizen Kristoffer Ardanas said.

Source: Pinoy Trend

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Watch | British blogger Malcolm Conlan calls out Robredo for not singing the national anthem during SONA
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