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Carmen Pedrosa Breaks her Silence "Glenn Chong is not the only one who knew how Elections were Manipulated"

Columnist and Author Carmen Pedrosa said in her article that former Biliran representative Atty. Glenn Chong is not the only person who witnessed how Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and Electronic voting company Smartmatic allegedly controlling the results of the elections in the Philippines.

In her article in Philstar, Pedrosa said that the only difference of Chong between the other witnesses is that the former lawmaker is the only one who’s vocal against the alleged cheating made during the past elections using Smartmatic machines.

“There were others. The difference is that Glenn has made his case against cheating through Smartmatic’s automated electoral system as his life’s cause. I don’t know how far he will go and how long the media and other advocates will support. I talked to some of them and wrote several columns at the time when it was the no. 1 controversy. We cannot go on having elections until this problem is solved. “the columnist said.

She also mentioned the ‘masked man’ showed up before during a press conference of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) where the latter revealed that there’s a cheating operation with a massive funding happened in 2010 Presidential election.

The masked man revealed before that the ‘dagdag-bawas’ scheme has been used to push former President Aquino to win the Presidency during that time.

“Glenn Chong was not the first witness of the questionable Comelec use of Smartmatic-PCOS. A masked man showed up in a press conference held (of all places) in the CBCP with an unbelievable tale of a massive cheating operation that cost at least P1 billion.”

“A mistale but still the masked man’s allegations could not be believed, and it was eventually forgotten; I don’t know what happened to him. “ Pedrosa said.

Despite the claims, no presidential candidate during that time believed the claims of the ‘masked-man’.

“Some did want an investigation but Locsin said how do you summon a “koala bear.“ who still refused to give his name, preferring to be known only as “Robin.” Pedrosa wrote.

Pedrosa also pointed out that in Germany, automated elections has been declared unconstitutional.

“I go by the decision of the High Court of Germany that rejected automatic electoral voting. It said in essence that if voters, even the fairly learned, are not able to follow the entire process from writing who they voted for and how it was counted not acceptable. For this reason, the High Court said automated elections are unconstitutional.” She explained.

“Voters are not techies and they cannot leave it in the hands of partisan or paid hackers. That is why Germany has gone back to manual voting and so did other countries who were more aware and rejected Smartmatic and its voting machines.” Pedrosa added.

Because of the increasing loss of confidence by the public on the automated system, Pedrosa said that the Duterte government should just put back the manual elections with ‘proper safeguards’.

Pedrosa also doubt that Chong would solve the problem on the election system in the Philippines if he ever becomes the chairman of COMELEC.

“What can one man do against a whole system? Not much. I don’t think he will end up like Professor Andres Bautista who got a lot of praise and who they said had a commendable reputation to clean up Comelec.” she said.

Last week, the Senate started its investigation on the alleged cheating happened during the last presidential elections.

During the probe, Atty. Glenn Chong revealed some pieces of evidence that would prove that there’s a conspiracy happened between COMELEC, Smartmatic and Liberal Party of the Philippines which resulted to the victory of their candidates.

Source: Pinoy Trend

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Carmen Pedrosa Breaks her Silence "Glenn Chong is not the only one who knew how Elections were Manipulated"
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