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Dr. Francisco Tranquilino Explains how the Robredo camp allegedly rigged the electoral process: “A True MANDARAYA QUEEN , indeed!”

University of the Philippines Professor Dr. Francisco Pascual Tranquilino enumerated in his social media post, how Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp allegedly rigged the 2016 Presidential elections.

According to him, the recent events happened after the Senate probe on alleged cheating in 2016 elections proved that the Robredo camp is still not yet done with manipulating the people by using their connections.

He listed some of the ‘critical events’ happened during the electoral protest between Robredo and former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

Tranquilino even linked the mass deletion of posts happened after the Senate hearing and he suspected that the Public Policy head of Facebook Philippines who also worked at the Office of the Vice President tried to silence the pro-Marcos supporters on social media.

He said that the camp of Robredo gained an advantage during the Senate probe, pointing out how the Vice President’s lawyer allegedly coached Sen. Franklin Drilon on how he would grill Atty. Glenn Chong, a former lawmaker, and anti-election fraud advocate.

The professor also urged Robredo to resign if she wants to prove that she’s decent.

You can read his post below:

Recent events seem to show a concerted effort by the Robredo camp, as they desperately attempt to rig our electoral process and continue to deceive the nation.

The Robredo camp infiltrates and tries to influence all bases, the COMELEC-Smartmatic, PET, Senate Hearings, and even Facebook, to make sure she remains the VP, at whatever cost.

Check out these critical events:

1. JUNE 22, 2018: Robredo Party Revisor OSMUNDO (Ritchie) ABUYUAN, bonding with 24 Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) Chief Tabulator, Head Revisors, Alternate Head Revisor, Head Ballot Box Custodian, Ballot Box Custodians, Appraiser and other PET personnel in 3J’s Resort in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

2. July 26, 2018: As expected, COMELEC siding with Robredo on 25% Shading Threshold on Vote Recount.

3. July 31, 2018: Hearing of Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation where Atty. GLENN CHONG was able to show proof of cheating during the 2016 Elections which favored VP Robredo. Imagine, machines were already transmitting results from Camarines on May 8, 2016 even before election started on May 9.

4. July 31, 2018: Atty. BERNADETTE SARDILLO – Lawyer of Robredo – coaching Senator Drilon on what to ask Atty. Glenn Chong during the Senate Hearing

5. Atty. EMIL MARAÑON III- Rappler Opinion Wrriter and a Robredo Consultant – was invited as Resource Speaker during the Senate Hearing, on what capacity? He is a Robredo Consultant, why do we need him in that hearing?

6. CLAIRE CATTLEYA AMADOR – Head, Public Policy, Facebook Phil., works at the Office of the Vice President – why are FB posts related to the Senate Hearing on COMELEC-Smartmatic Fraud last July 31 being deleted by FB

Any rational, thinking individual will know that Robredo cheated, or that someone or a group, or a Party cheated for her.

Worse, Robredo continues to deny these facts and act as if she is innocent. A true MANDARAYA QUEEN , indeed! If there is a remaining sense of decency in her, she should resign now! Besides, she is a useless entity in our nation today, USELESS NA NGA, NANGGUGULO PA! ctto of photos (Atty. Chong, Maharlika FB blog, etc.)

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Dr. Francisco Tranquilino Explains how the Robredo camp allegedly rigged the electoral process: “A True MANDARAYA QUEEN , indeed!”
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