Friday, August 10, 2018

Leni Robredo calls on Duterte Admin to Fight Misinformation

Vice President Leni Robredo, who has repeatedly become the subject of malicious and false stories, urged the Duterte administration to take “concrete steps” to combat the proliferation of false information.

In a statement Friday, Robredo expressed support for Singapore’s call for action against misinformation to Association of Southeast Asian Nations member-states.

The vice president stressed that the Philippines should be at the forefront of implementing the Joint Declaration to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Fake News, which was crafted last May.

The country took an active part in paving the way for the framework as the chair of the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information last year, Robredo noted.

“This fight is particularly important for us in the Philippines as we continue to see fake news proliferate, impairing public discourse and contributing to the spread of false and inaccurate information among out people,” she said.

Robredo added: “A well-informed citizenry is of utmost importance to our democracy. This calls on all of us to stand against misinformation and fight to ensure that truth will always have space in our country’s conversations.”

In May, she posted a two-part video series on Facebook to end rumors about her personal and professional life that have hounded her since she became the vice president.

Robredo debunked claims of being in a relationship with anyone after the death of her husband, being pregnant, living an opulent lifestyle, among others.

She also told her staff to be more aggressive in calling out fake information about her but stressed that they should still be dignified in doing so.

Source: PhilStar

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Leni Robredo calls on Duterte Admin to Fight Misinformation
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