Monday, August 6, 2018

Senators are not giving Enough Time for Atty. Glenn Chong to speak during the recent senate probe on election fraud

Several supporters of former Biliran representative and clean election advocate Atty. Glenn Chong couldn’t stop themselves from criticizing the senators who are present during the second Senate probe on the alleged cheating happened in 2016.

According to some netizens, they noticed that unlike the first hearing, Glenn Chong was not given a time to speak today and they only gave him one time to speak.

Yesterday, Chong said that he’s going to reveal something explosive during the hearing, but it seems that the former lawmaker didn’t disclose what he wanted today because of the less time that allocated to him.

When he was given the opportunity to speak, Chong questioned why Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is still entertaining Smartmatic despite the controversies being faced by the electronic voting company internationally and locally.

He also revealed that a former election of Maragondon, Cavite is trying to sell voters database to politicians.

Chong also showed some of the video clips, but before he presented it, former COMELEC chairman Sixto Brillantes, Jr. has engaged with him.

That is the only time when Chong gave a chance to speak and some of his followers are very disappointed.

Even blogger RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto also noticed that there’s something wrong with the Senate hearing today.

“Amoy rigged yung Senate Hearing ngayon. Tuwing may magre-raise ng interesting point, wala laging follow-up questions. Parang dini-dismiss lang.” Nieto said.

He also said that the Senators might already learn their lesson after Glenn Chong stole the spotlight during the first Senate probe on the election fraud.

“Parang may unwritten rule sa Senate Hearing kanina na whenever someone raises valid, interesting, and well-informed points, BAWAL ANG FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS. Natuto na yata after nung bonggang pasabog last hearing ni Glenn Chong.” he said.

You can watch the video of the part where Atty. Glenn Chong was ignored:


Source: Pinoy Trend

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Senators are not giving Enough Time for Atty. Glenn Chong to speak during the recent senate probe on election fraud
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