Watch! | I.T expert Edmundo Casiño becomes Passionate after Describing the Failure of Comelec-Smartmatic in Delivering Reliable Automated Elections

Even Information Technology expert and Philippine Computer Society director Edmundo Casiño couldn’t hide his frustration over the failure of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and electronic voting company Smartmatic in giving a reliable automated elections in the Philippines.

During joint congressional oversight committee hearing on the automated election system, Casiño became passionate in his speech, especially when COMELEC and Smartmatic failed to explain why the character ‘ñ’ was suddenly changed in the middle of the counting and canvassing of votes during the 2016 national elections.

He also questioned why COMELEC is still going to entertain Smartmatic for the fourth time despite ‘incompetency’ of the said company in giving reliable automated elections in the Philippines.

“According to the law, it is required that the provider, the one that COMELEC procures must have a proven capability, but all the error and the gaps we’ve seen is really outrageous that it project Smartmatic never really competent,” Casiño said.

He also mentioned the counting during the Vice Presidential race, saying that insertion of the character ‘ñ’ during the time when former Senator Bongbong Marcos was leading with 1-M votes is an obvious violation.
“Bongbong Marcos, who’s leading by 1 million and the insertion of that ñ in the middle of the live transmission, by all means, my god that is a violation,” he said.

“You don’t do that in a live transmission on production run because that is direct tampering,” he added.

Casiño said that COMELEC should stop the counting after the insertion of ñ.

In his anger, Casiño slammed COMELEC and Smartmatic for making the Filipinos ‘fools’, but he said that the Philippine Computer Society cannot be tricked by the explanations of the said company because they’re the one who has the knowledge in understanding the problem of the automated election in the Philippines.

“I’m sorry but this thing is.. we’re looking like fools in this body. We are experts in this field. We represent among ourselves 1,000,500 IT professionals in the country. We know our business and we know our trade.” He said

“And the rest of the people here act as if they know what they’re talking about. And the problem is that they don’t know what they are talking about. They are just being led by this vendor, a foreigner, for that matter whose nationality is not even a Filipino,” Casiño added.

Source: Pinoy Trend
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