Watch! | Mohammed a Taxi Driver who work in Las Vegas Explains why he Admires Pres. Duterte: “I wish he’s the President of Somalia!”

It seems that President Rodrigo Duterte has been admired, not only by the Filipinos but also by other nationalities.

Diko Ama Duque, a Filipino who’s currently in Las Vegas for a business trip was shocked after he discovered that his taxi driver Mohammed, who’s a Somali knew President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to him, they were talking inside the cab with his friend about Duterte, when the Somali joined the discussion and he started to praise the Filipino President.

Duque didn’t waste the opportunity and he interviewed Mohammed about his admiration for Duterte.

The joyful Somali cab driver even knows how to curse in Filipino because of Duterte.

“I learned that from President Duterte of Philippines, the best President in the world,” Mohammed said.

“I wish I had that in my country (Somalia), clean up my country, he’s not playing around,” he added.

Mohammed also said that Duterte is the only world leader who’s not afraid of expressing his anger on Television.

It seems that Mohammed is also following the stories on Philippine politics because he was aware by the past Filipino President, saying that they’re nothing compared to Duterte.

He said that the Duterte already warned the people that his Presidency would become bloody, so the Filipinos should respect that.

Before the video ended, Duque said that Mohammed should be ready to get viral in the Philippines because of what he said.

In our interview with the original video owner, he said that Mohammed escaped from his country because of the rampant corruption happening in their government.

You can watch the video here:

Source: Pinoy Trend
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